KeepOnSharing: Building an Ethical Social Network with Revenue Sharing

In a bold move set to shake the foundations of the multi-billion-dollar social network industry, the newly launched platform KeepOnSharing (KOS) is introducing a revolutionary approach that combines the familiarity of social networking with the lucrative aspects of online marketplaces. This innovative platform not only seeks to entertain but also to empower its users economically by offering a revenue-sharing model that rewards them for both creating and consuming content.


At the heart of KeepOnSharing's strategy is its commitment to transforming users from mere viewers into active partners. According to Mikki St. Germain, CEO of KeepOnSharing, the platform is dedicated to "creating a new ecosystem where users can socialize, share content, buy, and sell products—all while being fairly compensated." Unlike traditional social networks that capitalize on user activity without adequate compensation, KOS recognizes the intrinsic value users bring as both consumers and creators.


One of the standout features of KeepOnSharing is its promise to pay users for engaging with the platform—be it through sharing personal interests, uploading fun content, or listing products in the marketplace. This approach not only enhances the user experience by merging the dynamics of conventional social

media networks with the transactional functionality of marketplaces but also offers a seamless method for users to monetize their online presence.


"Imagine being paid every time you or one of your followers scrolled past an ad," Ms. St. Germain envisions,

highlighting a shift towards recognizing the significant role users play in the advertising revenue model. The platform pledges to redistribute 50% of all revenue back to its users, thereby ensuring that those who contribute to the network's success are duly rewarded. This policy extends not just to content creators with substantial followings but also to everyday users, ensuring that everyone benefits from their engagement and purchases.


In line with its ethical stance, KeepOnSharing is also committed to user privacy, ensuring that personal data is never sold or shared. The platform allows users to link freely to external websites, other social networks, and marketplaces without any fees, emphasizing user autonomy and respect for privacy.


Moreover, the platform is taking corporate social responsibility to the next level with the KeepOnSharing

Charity Foundation. This non-profit wing of the company ensures that every transaction on the platform also supports charitable causes, operating with no overhead and committing 100% of proceeds to help those in need.


Maggie Carey, CEO of Master It Media and founder of Painless Posting, a New York-based social media strategist, recognizes the potential impact of KeepOnSharing on the social media landscape, particularly in addressing the common frustrations faced by users and businesses alike. "Traditional social media platforms have often left users and creators feeling undervalued, while businesses grapple with high advertising

costs and increasingly complex interfaces," Carey points out. She also notes that although KeepOnSharing is still in its early stages and may not offer the slick design of more established networks, it introduces a compelling trade-off. "While the platform's layout might not be as polished, it offers a transparency and compensation structure that established networks don't. This can be a significant draw for those who are tired of not seeing the value returned on their engagement and investment."


As KeepOnSharing opens its doors to new users. It promises a unique, straightforward, and inclusive approach to social media. By valuing users as true partners and compensating them for their contributions, KeepOnSharing is not just launching a platform—it's pioneering a movement towards a more ethical and equitable digital ecosystem where everyone, regardless of their online following, can benefit directly from the value they create.


What you can do with KeepOnSharing:

1. Make a Post (It's free)

Create a post a request for a service, share an event, sell a product or promote your services and talents.


2. Add Connections

Invite your network of followers, friends, family and business contacts to join


3. Make Offer

Make an offer to help someone who’s request matches your skills and expertise.


4. Generate Revenue

Get paid for fulfilling a request, for sharing content and from your entire network.


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Submitted by Maggie Carey, Master It Media and Painless Posting

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